The Board section of our site contains reports primarily of interest to Board members.

  • Agenda – This page shows all items to be considered by the Board at its next meeting. Items are initially sorted in descending sequence by Stage, but a Priority field is available, and the list can be sorted by Priority just by clicking on the column heading. Appending ‘.csv’ to the URL for this page will result in a file being downloaded that can be opened in Excel, if desired.

  • Archives – Shows all past and canceled items, as well as current items.

  • E-News – This shows items to be included in our next E-Mail mailing to local alums. Appending ‘.csv’ to the URL for this page will result in a file being downloaded that can be used to generate the HTML to be used in Lyris for the actual e-mail to be sent. We use PSTextMerge, along with the attached template, to generate this HTML. The output HTML is complete, and uses a responsive design so that the e-mails can be easily read on a phone, a tablet, or a personal computer.

  • Finance – This page shows all planned and actual financial transactions for the current operating year. We use the EAC (Estimate at Complete) field to show our best guess as to the final net impact on our finances. Totals are provided at the bottom of the page. The total EAC gives us a constant, rolling number that reflects our best guess as to how much money we will have left at the end of the current Operating Year. Items here are sorted by Title.

  • Finances by Date – This page shows the same finance information, but is sorted by the last update date for each item, so items updated recently will show at the top of the list.

  • Notes – The Board Notes field is used to capture Board Meeting minutes, as well as other notes pertaining to board activities, but not needing to be shown to local alums. The most recently updated items show at the top of the list. We use Markdown level 4 headings within this field to indicate the source of any particular set of notes (such as the date of the board meeting). This list can effectively be used to replace separate sets of meeting minutes.

  • Planning Calendar – As discussed above, this shows all of the events on the club calendar, plus other events that are in the Planning stage.

  • Website Notes – This page describes the architecture of our website.