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Our Club Scholarship Fund

Our U-M Club of Seattle has its own scholarship fund. Endowment funds are invested by the University on our club’s behalf, and the University disburses funds per our directions, but our own local Scholarship Committee reviews candidates every year and selects the most deserving students from the greater Seattle area to receive special assistance from our club – assistance that, in many cases, makes it possible for local students to attend the University of Michigan.

Out-of-State Tuition

The latest numbers from the University of Michigan indicate that it will cost about a quarter of a million dollars for an out-of-state student to obtain a 4-year undergraduate degree, so it is easy to see why the issue of financial aid is such an important one.

Roby M. Burley

Our U-M Club of Seattle was established over 100 years ago, and we’ve had many generations of club leaders who have volunteered their time and efforts to help provide a welcoming community for Michigan alums taking up residence in the Pacific Northwest. Roby Burley was one of those notable club leaders, and helped get our scholarship fund off the ground with a sizable endowment many years ago. It is for these reasons that we have named our Club Scholarship fund the Roby M. Burley scholarship, in respectful memory of Roby’s contributions.


All donations to the Scholarship fund made out to the University of Michigan are eligible for matching funds and are tax-deductible. The University invests the principal for us and applies the scholarships we award to the student accounts.

Please give generously to help Washington students experience the University of Michigan.

Seattle alums who wish to make contributions to the scholarship fund may now make contributions online — just be sure to “choose the areas my gifts should help” and then select “WA - Seattle UM Club Roby M. Burley Scholarship.”

Just think — your gift could help a deserving student from the Seattle area complete their Michigan education!

Make A Contribution Today

You can also make a donation by calling the gift line at 734-647-6179 or toll free at 888-518-7888. Be sure to direct your gift to the Roby M. Burley Scholarship Fund - 724500 in the Fin Aid-Grants/Loans/Work study category.

We are proud to feature a few of our recent scholarship recipients and current Michigan students: Riley Thompson, Corrina Lee, and Eddie Jung.

My name is Riley Thompson and I am a 2017 graduate from Mercer Island High School in Mercer Island, WA. Currently, I am a junior at the University of Michigan studying Gender and Health on a pre-med track. At the university, I am a member of the Chi Omega Fraternity, where I serve as the chapter president. I am also involved in Outrage Dance, Phi Chi Pre-Medical Fraternity and Relay for Life. Being a student at Michigan is one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of my life. I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to study with individuals who care as much as I do about academics but also have some of the best school spirit in the country. Next semester I have the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Paris through the university’s exchange program. I look forward to my last three semesters at the university, but I am also blown away by how quickly the time has flown. As always, go Blue!
My name is Corrina Lee and I am a senior at the University of Michigan. I am from Bothell, originally, so I had a lot to get used to when I first moved to Ann Arbor. Even after four years, I am still discovering and learning so many new things at this school. This year, I am finishing up my majors in English and Economics. Besides academics, I am a movie reviewer which allows me to use my study breaks to see some great films.
Eddie Jung graduated summa cum laude from Skyline High School in Sammamish, Washington. He is a freshman in the College of Engineering intending to study Biomedical Engineering. He is a starter on the University of Michigan Fencing Club team and plans to commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Air Force upon graduation through Detachment 390’s ROTC program. In addition, he is one of two engineering students accepted into the Health Sciences Scholars Program to learn more about improving the nation’s healthcare system. The Roby M. Burley Scholarship has allowed Eddie to pursue these and many other opportunities available at the University of Michigan.

Employer Match

Many employers, including Boeing and Microsoft, will happily match your donations! When submitting your match request, choose the University of Michigan as the recipient, with Tax ID 38-6006309, and be sure to specify that the funds should go to the “Roby M. Burley Scholarship Fund - 724500”.