Introducing Board Member: Michael Roberto

The University of Michigan Club of Seattle is so excited to present our 2019-2020 Board to the larger Alumni community here in Seattle. Our volunteer Board Members come from all different backgrounds but all share one thing in common - an unwavering passion for the University of Michigan! We hope that you’ll say hello to any and all of the Board Members that you may see at local events and join the Alumni Association in celebrating our shared experiences at Michigan.

We’d like to start by introducing our current President, Michael Roberto, with more bios to follow.

Michael Roberto graduated from Michigan with a B.S. in Chemistry and Minor in Astrophysics in 2009. He joined the Seattle Club as a Board Member in 2016, and has taken on the role of President in 2019. Michael was involved with the Student Astronomical Society, which gave planetarium shows as well as free star viewings shows throughout the year on the roof of Angell Hall. After obtaining his PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Washington in 2014, he’s worked as a chemometrician and project manager for companies supporting analytical measurement analysis for the chemistry industry. Meanwhile, he’s been hiking, camping, and eating his way through the Seattle area, and has started a family here as well. Go Blue!

If you have questions about the club, or suggestions for future events, feel free to drop Michael a note at

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