Please Update Your Records So We Stay In Touch

Dear Fellow Wolverine,

On behalf of the U of M Club of Seattle, thank you for providing your email address to us. More than likely we got it at a club event you attended or when you signed up to be on our club’s mailing list from our website. It’s always great to be and stay connected with those who hail from that great place called the University of Michigan.

Here’s the thing – all we have is your email address. We’d like to know a little more about you. It takes less than a minute to update your profile via this single-page U-M Alumni Profile Form. That way you won’t miss out on any club news or our exciting events. By completing the form you will continue to receive our emails and be updated on all the latest and greatest happenings with the Seattle Club.

To thank you for updating your info, you’ll automatically be entered to win a $100 M-Den gift card when you complete the form by June 15. The lucky winner will be contacted at the email address given on the form.

If you run into any problems updating your information, please contact the Alumni Association at 800.847.4764.

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