Welcome to the Wolverine Forum for Seattle

We’re happy to announce that Seattle alumni now have a new way to engage with others online.

This new forum is different from other social media in that:

  • it is focused only on the U-M alumni community;
  • it’s available only to U-M alums;
  • it is generally free from unwanted spam and marketing.

In addition to having general access to the new Wolverine Forum, Seattle alums can also target their interests specifically to people and events in the Seattle area, through use of a special ‘Seattle’ tag that can be applied to your content when you post, and also be used to optionally filter others’ posts. This means the Wolverine Forum now gives all Seattle alumni the chance to connect with one another on a local level to give help, get help, expand your network, and so much more.

If you’d like a more detailed look at the new online communities, including information on how to tailor your interests, then you might want to take A Tour of the New Alumni Association Website.

Note that our UMSeattle.org website now has convenient menu bar links to take you straight into this new community. Look under the ‘AAUM’ heading for the relevant items.

I’m excited that Seattle alums now have a new way to connect with one another, in addition to all of our face-to-face opportunities provided by the club.

Looking forward to seeing you on the new Wolverine Forum!

Go Blue in Seattle!