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Counterbalance Brewing Thursday, September 7, 2017 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm
Counterbalance Brewing Company
503 South Michigan Street, Suite B
98108 Seattle , WA
United States
Washington US
POSTPONED: Flywheel Cycling Class and Scholarship Fundraiser Saturday, March 31, 2018 - 5:45pm to 6:45pm
Flywheel SLU
224 Westlake Avenue North Suite 100
98109 Seattle , WA
United States
Washington US
Stay Tuned! Lindsey Ungar

U-M Alums Lindsey Ungar and Steph Fox both teach indoor cycling at Flywheel and have graciously volunteered their time to host a special class for us, with all proceeds going towards our local club scholarship fund! Sign up now to enjoy a great workout with fellow alums, and to help make a U-M education more affordable for highly qualified local students!

Lassi & Spice
Lassi & Spice
423 Fairview Ave N
98109 Seattle , WA
United States
Washington US
Come in and Say Hello! Logo Alumna Susannah Dhamdhere, MBA class of ’06, recently opened the doors to Lassi & Spice, her Indian-fusion café, just two months ago and would love to welcome in Seattle alumni and future UM students. Lassi & Spice is located at 423 Fairview Ave N, and is open 7 days a week serving incredible chai, espresso, lassis (Indian yogurt smoothies) and delicious small plates featuring Indian street food flavors. image-on-left
The Seven Keys to Becoming a Great U-M Alumni Club Leader
Who Pays for All This Stuff? Who Pays? U-M Seattle Logo We had a great BBQ last year for U-M students interning in Seattle over the summer. I was talking to as many interns and young alums as I could, and at one point one of them asked me, with what seemed to be a note of amazement, who was paying for all of this? It was a good question, of course, and I was happy to answer it, but it made me realize that there may be others out there as well who need some help connecting the dots. image-on-left
Michigan, College Athletics and American Society
Lessons to be Learned from the Brandon Era
Welcome to the Wolverine Forum for Seattle Read More U-M Alumni in Seattle

We’re happy to announce that Seattle alumni now have a new way to engage with others online. Find out more about how to connect online with other U-M alums!

Michigan Games Shown at Voff Bark & Brew Football with your Mutt Voff Bark and Brew

Voff Bark and Brew, located at 9731 Greenwood Ave N, is a local establishment owned by U-M alum Ryan Matthews. If you’d like to watch Michigan football while your dog gets a chance to play with other canines, you might want to pay a visit. Ryan has TVs, and will be broadcasting U-M football games.

Help for Alumni in Need Help One of our Own Troy with wife Dorothy

Local Michigan man Troy Scott and his wife and fellow alumn Dorothy Stam (both 99) have requested help from the Michigan community after a car struck Troy while he was out for a run, making him a quadriplegic.

Laptop Decals image-on-left
A Tour of the New U-M Alumni Website Check It Out Alumni Association Logo

The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan (AAUM) has recently updated its website to significantly expand its content for alumni. Here’s my best effort to explain what’s going on.

Football Ticket Exchange Buy or Sell Tickets The Big House

The Alumni Association now has a new Ticket Exchange Community that all U-M alums can use to either buy or sell tickets from other alumni. Feel free to use this new tool if you’re planning a trip to a U-M game, or have tickets you don’t plan to use.

Michigan Games Shown at Old Stove Brewing Visit Old Stove Old Stove on Game Day

You may have already heard of Old Stove Brewing. What you may not know, though, is that co-founder Chris Moore is a Michigan boy, born and bred, and grew up attending Michigan games in The Big House! Televisions were installed recently, and Chris has a breakfast menu for those 9 AM games. Buckley’s in Belltown remains our official game watch location in Seattle, but you may want to drop by Old Stove for a game or two as well.

2018 Club T-Shirts Shirt Info 2018 Seattle Go Blue T-Shirts

We still have some of our 2018 Seattle Club T-Shirts available! Order online or purchase at Buckley’s on Game Day!

New Eastside Game Watch Location See You on Game Day! J J Mahoneys in Redmond

The U-M Faithful will have a new place to watch all the games this fall. As is the tradition with our Eastside locations, J. J. Mahoney’s is family-friendly and has free parking available. Also, Wolverines will be able to hear the audio feed from the game, as well as watch the video. Check it out!

U-M Google Benefits for Alumni Check It Out! Google Drive

Did you know that U-M alumni now have access to Google Apps after they graduate? This includes Gmail for your umich.edu email address, and unlimited storage on Google Drive!

Get Your Lifetime Membership Now, Before the Coming Price Increase Become a Lifer Today! U-M Alumni Association

I’ve said before that I believe a lifetime membership is really the best deal for alumni wishing to become members of our Association. But for the next few months it’s an even better deal than usual, because membership fees will be going up on July 1! So if you become a lifetime member now, you will not only avoid paying the usual membership dues ever again, you will also avoid having to pay the increased dues that will be in effect after this date! So join today to maximize your benefits and minimize your costs! And don’t forget to specify UNITE in the promo code when you sign up, since this will send additional funds to our local club!

Club Seeking New Board Members Find Out More Alumni Association Seattle

Due to some recent attrition, The U-M Club of Seattle is seeking 2 - 3 new board members. Come join a fun group of fellow Wolverines and gain valuable experience working on a Non-Profit Board of Directors.

A Note From Your Club President Join Today! U-M Club of Seattle

Just a quick note from your Seattle Club President to impart a few important pieces of information.

  1. You’re not currently a member of the Alumni Association of the University of Michigan. I’ve noticed when greeting people at events that many people are honestly confused about their current membership status, so I thought it might be helpful to let you know where you stand.

  2. That’s OK. Our mission is to help connect all U-M alumni to each other and to our University, so you’re welcome to continue receiving our emails, attend all of our club events, and in general enjoy all of the benefits of being a proud Michigan alum living in the greater Seattle area.

  3. Membership makes all of this possible. Our local club gets its operating funds from the Alumni Association, based on the number of Association members we have in our region, and the Association in turn receives its operating funds from membership dues. Unlike many other alumni associations, ours is not dependent on its University for handouts, but instead is its own independent member-based organization. And while our local club is run entirely by volunteers like myself, it takes money to host our website, to run our mailing list, and to help defray the costs of many of our events.

  4. And membership means so much more. Your Alumni Association membership can be a gateway into a network of richer, deeper connections with Ann Arbor, with the University that you love, and with your fellow Wolverines.

  5. If you’d like to join the Association, we’re ready when you are. Just head on over to the Alumni Association’s Website.

  6. Enter the Promo Code of UNITE when joining or renewing. Using this promo code will maximize the local impact of your membership, and will credit our local club with additional funds that we will use to better serve our local U-M community.

If you have any other questions about membership you can take a look at the Membership Q&A on our website, or you can always shoot me a note.

And that’s it. I just wanted to send this quick, informative one-time message.

And now back to our regular programming.

Membership Q&A with our Club President All Your Questions Answered We Make You Better -- You Make Us Stronger

Everything you ever wanted to know about membership in our Seattle club, but were afraid to ask!

Interested in Joining Our Scholarship Committee? image-on-left
2017 Club T-Shirts Order Online Graphics for new T-Shirt

We will be selling our remaining short-sleeve t-shirts at our Outback Bowl game watch parties at Buckley’s in Belltown. You can also order these online!

Amazon Smile Sign Up Today! Amazon Smile logo

Now you have a new way to support your local alumni club – and it won’t cost you a dime! Just sign up for Amazon Smile, and select the University of Michigan Club of Seattle as the organization you’re supporting.

Alumni Census Stand Up and Be Counted U-M Alumni Census

If you haven’t already, please stand up and be counted in the U-M Alumni Census that is now going on! In particular, if you are living in the greater Seattle area, we want to make sure that the University and our Alumni Association know that you are here, to make sure our U-M Club of Seattle gets full credit for your membership in our local club.

Events to Suggest? Event Idea Alums Hiking Together at Twin Falls

Have any event ideas for local alums that you’d like to suggest? Our Club Board is always looking for new events that might be of interest to Wolverines in the greater Seattle area. Book Club? Community Service Opportunity? New Restaurant to check out? If you think it would be a fun way to connect with fellow Wolverines, then there’s a good chance we can find others who would be interested as well.

Wolverines with a Mission Find Out More Wolverine

From Ann Arbor to Seattle, Michigan alumni continue to be leaders in the community through both volunteering and their career paths. If you are involved with a local nonprofit or charity (or if you’d like to be) and would be interested in promoting an event or getting fellow alumni involved, contact Connor Wojciak (connor@umseattle.org) for more information.

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